What do termites sound like?

Termites make a noise that is sometimes mistaken by people to be them eating. In reality it is most likely the noise they use to communicate with other termites in the colony when danger is around.

This audio was capture in a house in Picton near Camden and is very much indicative of the noise that people hear in the middle of the night when all is quiet and for some reason the termites get scared.

If you think that you may have termites in a particular area it can help to lightly bang on the wall with an open hand (make sure you don’t knock a picture or ornament as you do this) and then put your ear against the wall and listen. What you will hear in most cases if there are enough termites present is what you hear in this audio. If you hear the sound in your wall then call us do not be tempted to disturb the termites, do not spray them it will probably just make it harder for us to do our job and possibly more expensive for you.

At Pestgo we are expert at Detecting, Eradicating and Preventing termites in structures in Camden, Wollondilly and The Southern Highlands. Finding termites can be a little scary for some and it is certainly going to cost to get rid of them and ensure they do not come back, then there is the repair bill. At Pestgo we deal with termites and the damage they cause on a daily basis, we will make sure that you understand the process fully and we offer payment terms to ensure the financial shock is minimised.

I hope we have been able to help you with you search for What do termites sound like. For more in depth information visit our Definitive Guide To Termite Detection, Treatment and Prevention. 


For more videos on termites in the Wollondilly, Camden and Southern Highlands just go to our You Tube page.