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Of the few thousand ant species that exist in Australia, only a few are considered pests. The small Black House ants and Coastal Brown ants that develop large colonies in and around houses are often of the most concern.

Ants live in permanent nests which may be in the soil, in timber, under pavers, in wall cavities or roof voids.  They may travel considerable distances for food – if it can possibly be considered food, there will be a species of ant that will want to take it back to its nest.

Severe infestations can nest around power points which offer easy and direct access to a nest inside the wall cavity.

Ant activity often increases during periods of high humidity and often new nests are established in areas where ants may not have been noticed before.  Some believe that you can predict the weather by ant activity, that ants are more active just before rain.  If you happen to notice ants carrying small white objects that look like grains of rice, these are their eggs, and they may be relocating the nest before a heavy rain.

In the warmer weather, you might see swarms of flying ants, leaving the nest to set up a new home.  But beware, they may not actually be ants at all!

Ant treatments vary according to the species and may include the judicial placement of specific ant baits, the use of pesticide sprays along trails, and/or application of dusts in crevices and weep holes.

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You can help to reduce ant infestations by:


 Cleaning up food spills immediately


Removing unconsumed pet food


Changing pet feeding areas regularly


 Sealing gaps, cracks and crevices


Reducing foliage on or against structures


Treating plants for sap sucking insects like aphids that live symbiotically with ants


Having preventative pest control carried out regularly

Ants entering an ant "cafe" for a final feast
Black ants feeding on liquid bait

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