Lilli Pilli Hedge attacked by Lilli Pilli beetle in Lakesland Near The Oaks
Lilli Pilli Hedge regrowth after treatment for Lilli Pilli beetle in Lakesland Near The Oaks

The photograph on the left clearly shows just how damaged Lilli Pilli’s can become

Care and attention was paid to this hedge with a seaweed solution being applied at the time that the systemic pesticide was used. The combination of eradicating the beetles and the foliar application of seaweed solution has seen the rapid regeneration of the hedge.

Lilli Pilli damaged by Lilli Pilli Beetles in Lakesland
Lilli Pilli Hedge regrowth in Lakesland after Pestgo treatment

More hedge on the same property, on the left devastated by the Lilli Pilli Beetle and on the right after 13 weeks of recovery.

Imidacloprid was used initially followed by a Seaweed solution and then at 8 weeks a second treatment of Imidacloprid followed by a seaweed application once again. No beetles to be seen and as a side effect no Psyllids!

Lilli Pilli Beetle and the damage it causes

Lilli Pilli Beetle can be beaten but it takes the correct pesticide, care and attention and a long term commitment to the plants. The use of Imidacloprid allows the plants to take the active into their system and if a new insect comes along to chew the leaves it dies as there is a toxic load of pesticide within the plant. Pestgo can take the hassle out of it for you by implementing one of our ornamental plant packages. Just give us a call.

Lilli Pilli Beetle damage

Make sure that your plants have the optimium in care, plenty of water, food and preferably a good mulch bed. A healthy plant has the best chance to avoid an infestation in the first place.