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Rats and mice

As the weather becomes cooler and less favourable, rats and mice, part of the rodent family, move indoors to seek both shelter and food.  They actively forage for food at night so are rarely seen during daylight hours, however tell-tale signs such as droppings, gnawed food or other objects, and scurrying noises in the roof give away their presence.

The three most common rodents in Australia are the Norway Rat, the Roof Rat and the House Mouse.

Rats and mice have continuously growing, razor sharp incisors and so need to constantly gnaw on items to keep them down.  In the wild, they gnaw on bark, plants and seed shells but in the home, they can chew through doors, floors, windows and walls, as well as plastics, vinyls and other materials.

That scratching or grinding sound you can hear late at night or early morning could be a rat or mouse happily gnawing its way through an electrical wire!

The resulting damage from this may go unnoticed for some time but rodents have been known to chew completely through insulated electrical cables causing electrical faults and even fires!

If you see any evidence of rodents or you’re hearing noises in the roof, it’s time to act.  That’s because they’ve settled in and are unlikely to go away on their own.

There are many methods of rodent control ranging from chemical methods such as baiting to non-chemical methods such as trapping.  The trick is to place whatever method of control you use as close as possible to where you are seeing or hearing them.

So if you’ve tried to solve the problem and don’t seem to be getting anywhere, it’s time to call in the professionals.  Leaving a rodent infestation untreated can result in significant costs for repairs, not to mention sleepless nights and very unpleasant smells.

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You can help to reduce rodent infestations by:


Proofing (sealing) known entry points


Removing all possible food and water sources


Storing food in glass or metal containers


Cleaning up around waste areas


Placing rubbish bags in bins, not next to them


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