Rats Damage Air Conditioning Ducting

This is not something that we see every day but it happens frequently enough that you need to know. This video was captured in The Oaks near Picton and very clearly shows multiple spots where Rats have chewed into air conditioning ducting and one spot where they have completely chewed through it allowing access to the inside of the ducting. 

This allows two things, firstly allows the Rat access inside the duct and therefore to each outlet of the rooms that are attached to that duct, they can then do what Rats do and constantly urinate throughout the duct allowing any germs or disease to be spread through the air. Secondly the hole as can be seen in the video allows hot air in this case to be blown out into the roof void reducing the effectiveness of the air conditioning system and increasing your energy bill at the same time.

The time to treat for rodents is when you first see evidence or hear noises in your roof, letting time pass by only increases the difficulty level in getting rid of them and the chances that you will suffer severe damage in some form from them.

Often the key to ensuring you do not have a family of rats set up home in your home is to have some baiting stations around the perimeter of your home. Often this can be as few as four correctly placed stations with a bait appropriate to the area or situation. Bait stations need to be monitored to ensure the bait is in attractive condition and there is enough left to allow prevention. This can be a DIY job which we are happy to advise on, We can carry it out or we can share the job its simply up to you.