Pre Purchase Timber Pest Inspections

Optimal results.  Minimal pesticide use.  Minimal impact to the environment.

Pre-purchase inspections

 Also called a Prior to Purchase Pest Inspection, this type of inspection, as the name suggests, is carried out prior to the purchase of a house or building.  The main purpose of this inspection is to inform the prospective purchaser of any existing or previous timber pest activity or damage on the property, as well as the future risk.

It differs slightly from a termite inspection because it also reports on the presence of other timber pests such as timber borers and fungal decay.

Pre Purchase inspections are carried out to the Australian Standard 4349.3 which sets out amongst other things the areas to be inspected, minimum level of experience and qualification of the technician and the types of tools expected to be used. The standard sets out the minimum level of inspection and report that you can expect when an inspection is said to be carried out to it.

If you are planning to sell your home, we strongly recommend that you have a comprehensive termite inspection carried out BEFORE you list your home.  That way, if there are any issues, you can address these before putting it on the market.

The alternative could result in your prospective purchaser seeking to negotiate a significant reduction in price!

If you’re in you’re in the market for a new home, or looking to sell yours, contact us today to book in an inspection and avoid any nasty surprises!

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