Termites In Elderslie Near Camden

Recently our technicians were carrying out an inspection in Elderslie which is near Camden and very easily located termites.

It is not particularly unusual as Camden and Elderslie both are known to have many termites around however at this property there were termites under every piece of timber we turned over, in trees, stumps and “treated” sleeper retaining walls.

The homeowner was however spared somewhat as no termites were found in her home.

Next step is to work out how to kill the termite nests that these termites are from even though we can’ find the nest. There are generally two ways to remotely destroy a termite colony but in this case we choose baiting where we feed the termites a bait that they consume and take back to their nest ending up in the destruction of the entire colony.

After that we need to ensure we keep the termites out, so we chose a monitoring system where we surround the home with monitoring stations which will be checked regularly for activity and baited as necessary.

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More detailed information on individual systems can be found here

When there are large numbers of termites around your property it is a good opportunity to eradicate the colony before they become an issue. The problem is quite simple, termites need to eat timber to survive, houses contain large amounts of timber and are therefore very attractive to those termites. The solution is many fold

  1. Reduce the number of termites/colonies
  2. Reduce the attractiveness of the house/building
  3. Inspect regularly to ensure the unexpected does not happen.

Pestgo technicians have the expertise and experience to help you keep your home termite free. Call today for peace of mind.

Termites in a tree in Elderslie near Camden