Termites found in a home in Cobbitty near Camden

Whilst carrying out a termite inspection on a home in Cobbitty we noticed some unusual indents in some verandah timbers. On further inspection the timbers were found to be very soft so a knife was used to carefully cut away the paint from the area revealing the termite damage in the above image.

A verandah of a home in Cobbitty near Camden with termites or white ants
A Termite in damaged timbers in a home in Cobbitty near Camden
Termite bait station on verandah of property in Cobbitty near Camden

Initial unusual concave shape found in verandah timbers

During our inspection a sounding device was used to test timbers that are accessable. These timbers showed signs which at first were thought to be fungal decay. On further inspection it was found to be damage from termites.

A knife was used to carefully expose damage

Being careful to not cause extra damage or to disturb termites too much if they were present we cut through the paint covering the timbers. Termites were revealed in substantially damaged timbers and we prepared to install a termite bait station.

A termite bait station was installed

The station was installed directly onto the damaged and active timber. This station will be regularly checked and additional bait added as the termites eat their fill and inadvertently cause the ultimate elimination of the colony.

Termites are often found in homes in Cobbitty, it seems to be a high risk area

Many parts of Sydney seem to have unusually high levels of termite attack. Cobbitty and Elderslie both near Camden seem to have high levels of Coptotermes spp activity. In Elderslie which is built on a sand drift deposited there over eons by flooding of the Nepean river, it seems that termites can travel great distances easily through the sand. Any area that has very sandy soil will make access to buildings easy for termites and extra care must be taken to ensure termites do not gain access. Having an annual termite inspection carried out is a good first step to avoiding big repair bills.