White Ants Vs termites

Are White Ants the same thing as Termites? This is a question I have been asked thousands of times in my career in pest control. The answer is a simple Yes.

For those with an inquisitive mind the story can go quite a bit deeper and there is good reason for people to be easily confused. There are many various termite Species out there and they all look slightly different if you take the time get up close.

Take the image at the top of the page there are two termites there but they look vastly different, that is because one is a soldier termite and one a worker termite both of the Nasutitermes Spp. A variance between soldiers and workers is generally quite stark in most Species.

Ants are not commonly mistaken for termites however when they are carrying their egg sacks around, say before rain when they need to move the nest to avoid flooding they can be seen carrying very white often oval egg sacks and many people at this time confuse them with termites.

The best thing to do if you believe that you have seen termites is to call in an expert to determine for sure if they are termites and to help you decide if you need to protect your home and if so, how.

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