Termite treatments adversely affected by flood

Unless the termite protection in your home is physical in nature you will need to review it after the recent flooding rains. The easiest way to work out what type of termite control your home has (if any) is to have a look in your electricity meter box. It is a requirement that a notice be placed here whenever treatment is carried out. If you are still unsure call our team on 1300 737 648 and we can help you find out.

If the protection you have is a chemical type treatment and you have had rain such as experienced in much of the Macarthur in early January then you will most likely need to reinstall the pesticide once the sodden soil has dried back out.

If you have a monitoring system around your home then the timbers may well need to be changed a little sooner than normal, rotting timbers are necesary for the systems to work but completely sodden timbers will rot more quickly than dry ones. Your pest management company will attend to this as they carry out their regular monitoring, Pestgo technicians are currently paying special attention to this.

Why is this different to normal rain? Usually a normal rain event will partially saturate the soil and then dry over a short period of time. There has been so much rain (more than a years rainfall in the first three months of the year) that the ground has soaked up all of the water it can, to the point that each footstep on grassed areas causes large movements of muddy water leaving huge muddy pools in your wake. Around a structure that has a chemical treated zone, all of this water movement also means silt movement, that silt can build up over the treated areas rendering the treatment useless.

Because of the likelihood for soils to become completely saturated for extended periods of time and other reasons, at Pestgo we tend to not advise installation of chemical treated zones but do prefer to see non chemical methods such as monitoring systems installed.

If you have been unfortunate enough to have your home inundated you will most likely be all to aware of the amount of silt and debris that builds up in these conditions and unfortunately will certainly need to have the chemical or a different type of system installed. Check out our Definitive guide to Termite Detection, Prevention and Treatment

Call or email us at Pestgo and we can advise you. 1300 737 648