Termites are often very well hidden when they attack a building, can you see the signs of termite mudding on this photograph?

Are Termites In Your Walls?

When termites enter a home it is mostly over the edge of the concrete slab and then under the bottom brick unless they have found a gap crack or crevice that they can use. So when they enter they first find themselves within the outer wall, often near a bathroom or where there is a water leak that has often times been the thing that has attracted them.

They quietly (click here to hear what termites sound like) go about their work which is harvesting your home for food. Often it will take many months before they are noticed at all. Sometimes they will accidentally chew through some gyprock or a door or window frame. In our example here the termites have used their nesting material to try and seal the holes in the power point to stop outside air and intruders getting to them.


A power point with termite mudding in the pin sockets

Close up of the tiny spots of mudding protuding slightly from the pin holes

Most of the work that happens in a termites life is in the dark, they do however work 24 hours a day carrying out their duties of Mining food, protecting the colony or shoring up structures and enlarging the nest with a muddy substance. It is this muddy substance that is often the factor that gives them away, with the conscientious person noticing a muddy mark or spot on a wall or door frame etc. Note in our first image the tiny spots on top of the power point, these were placed here from within the power point by termites.

Termite Workings In a Wall Behind Where A Power Point Was

With the power point removed the true extent of what is going on starts to be revealed

One of the ways to avoid ever finding an issue like this is to have regular (The Australian Standard 3660.2 recommends at least annually) termite inspections carried out by a licensed and competent inspector. This will ensure that any issues that may arise are found early and you will be informed of those high risk factors that can be found around a home can be fixed before they become an issue.


Termites can be found in any suburb in Australia (except Tasmania) so no matter where you live there is a risk that your home will be attacked. Call us now on 1300 737 846 or you can read more here