Redback Spiders in Mount Annan on a job carried out recently. This is not particularly unusual but we wanted to showcase how simple it is to create a home for these spiders. The home owner in this case inadvertantly left a couple of folding tables against the side of the house. The Redbacks were able to use these and built thier home between them.

Redback and other spiders should be kept under control by regular treatments carried out around the home as well as in roof voids and subfloor spaces .

Roof voids in particular have become more and more an area where Redback and other spiders are building up. Since the advent of downlights in homes (which allow a lot of light to project upwards into the roof void) More and more insects are able to find their way under the tiles or colourbond and into the roof void giving the spiders a food source that was not historically available. Treatment of the roof void is essential to ensure ongoing Pest Free Living.